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Palm & Sol Nail Boutique takes your hand and foot health seriously.  While manicures and pedicures are often looked upon as a special treat, we know that hand and foot care is a necessity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You will have a consultation with your nail technician before any services are performed to evaluate your health and address any special needs you may have.  It is our goal to make you happier and healthier after your visit to Palm & Sol Nail Boutique!


Indulge in a luxe treatment for your hands.

60-90 Minutes

Nails are trimmed and gently shaped. Cuticles are treated and removed from nails. Hands and arms are massaged. Nails are polished or buffed.

Manicures $70  |  With Gel Polish $80


Renew your feet and relax.

60-90 Minutes

Toenails are trimmed and gently shaped. Cuticles are treated and removed from toenails. Legs and feet are massaged. Nails are polished or buffed.

(Please note we do NOT apply gel polish to toenails, and an extra charge may be applied to remove gel polish from toenails.)

Pedicures $80

Glycolic Pedicure

Smooth tough calluses on the bottoms of feet.

90-120 Minutes

Glycolic acid, a safe treatment that only destroys dead skin cells, is applied to callused skin on the feet and works its magic while you receive your pedicure. The calluses are filed causing the dead skin to fall off.  Afterwards, a deactivator cleanses the feet and leaves them feeling smoother. (Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve best results.)

Glycolic Pedicure $100

Please Note

Acrylics and length gel cause damage to your natural nail and have strong odors unsafe to inhale.  Therefore, these services are not offered at Palm & Sol Nail Boutique. Let us help you restore your Natural Nails!  We can work with you to make your damaged nails healthy, again!

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By Appointment Only
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Closed Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday


200 Country Club Dr., Unit E
Oak Island, NC 28465


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